Artwrld: Festival of Gratidude

In 2022 Bluecadet assisted in the creation of thosands of custom “slices” of cake that were NFTs minted as a part of Walid Raad’s “Festival of Gratitude” project with Artwrld. The project focuses on commemorating some of the world’s most infamous dictators via birthday cakes.

The slices are individuated by the historical or mythological poisons or elixirs they are said to contain. The poisons include Anthrax, Ergot, Mercury, and Ricin, among others. The elixirs include Rapamycin, Heavy Water, and Golden Apple, among others.

Project Year: 2022
Role: Project Manager

My role: I managed the creation of thousands of original “slices,” working with our motion designer and developer to produce these artifacts to be minted in conjunction with the main cakes.